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Delivering best Medical Billing Services by qualified and reliable professionals.

Inspired with the idea of helping out health care professionals to meet their daily need to earn revenue from patients by getting their Mediclaims cleared, the healthcare and medical billing service is launched by GATT. In this process, the company creates a synergy with patients and Mediclaim companies so as to help them receive their medical claims. In this practice, what happens is that the health care professionals can concentrate more on their core proficiency of patient care rather than staying bothered about non-core activity such as helping patients out with their medical claims.

GA Technocare Technology Pvt Ltd is investing time and resources to render professional medical billing services to healthcare professionals. With the right knowledge and decent approach, the company successfully completes health claims of patients so as to help health care professionals to take adequate care of patients without worrying about the finance part.

With right skill set and accurate knowledge about this industry, the company acts as a third party to automate the patient workflow in an optimistic way so as to hit the bull’s eye in just the right time to get funds cleared for patient care. The medical billing service of GA Technocare Technology is highly trusted as this service provider has the competency to deal with complex, time consuming and voluminous applications so to get the health claims cleared in time.


At GATT, the medical billing service follows a systematic flowchart with a set of defined steps maintaining accuracy and quality. Some of the steps contained in medical billing process are as following:

  •  Verification of Eligibility: Patients’ demographic details such as name, address, DOB, insurance details, guarantor, medical history are entered in the database of this healthcare billing service provider.

  •  Medical Coding: In relation to the insurance claims, required coding is done. The codes are mentioned in the bill and so the insurance company cannot deny any claim.

  •  Charge Creation: Fee schedules are added to patient’s account to make it easy for insurance companies to identify an application claim. All details are provided in the claims that are ready to be filed.

  •  Medical Claim Audit: The verification of the insurance claim is done via email, fax or secure FTP. The support team calls up the insurance company and thereafter sends the insurance details to the hospital or clinic in desired format.

  •  Medical Claims Transmission: Electronic as well as paper claim submission is done to help patients receive finance for their treatment. In case, there is a rejection, then the application is re-analysed and resent for approval.

  •  Payment EOBs: Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) and checks are entered in the database so that they are settled daily. Based on this data a daily log is updated.

  •  Claims deposit to Insurance Agencies: The audited, recorded, and highly accurate medical claims are finally printed out & dispatched to the appropriate insurance company. All the necessary documents are attached to the claim for ultimate settlement.

  •  Patient follow-up/Patient statements: Claims are examined and priorities are determined based on limits and age. Periodic calling, emailing, and online communication are done to learn about the status of the submitted application.

  • GA Technocare Technology takes care of all claims and patient’s rights and makes it easy for healthcare professionals to take due care of patients without getting stuck with unnecessary billing issues.

Services Offered:

  • Scheduling Appointments
  • Patient Registration
  • Insurance Eligibility Verification
  • Entry Charges
  • Claim Scrubbing
  • Payment Posting
  • Provider Credentialing
  • Address Reconciliation

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