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Document Management Software

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Stores documents on databases for easy Access

Document Management Software (DMS) is a tool that is used to trace, collect, save and supervise documents for better performance by reducing paperwork. Diverse files are compiled and stored on a database and then managed properly with the help of a broader system that is document management software. Document system applications direct dataflow to a single database or parallel databases.

The Document management system allows companies to manage files efficiently by easy upload, entry of meta-data fields, assignment of category, physical storage of data, overwriting of edits, maintaining history, and so on. GA Technocare Technology has developed this software for easy storing of data without the fear of data loss. Comprehensive data security, integrity and diversity are taken care of by this amazing software product. It looks into the life cycle of documents so as to extend security in every phase. Generally, the phases of document management are document generation, document storage, and document transfer. So, during these three stages, the DMS software takes care of all crucial steps. Key issues relating to security and compliance of document get answered with DMS system.

This DMS software helps in the following fronts:

Easy Document Search

It helps to quickly browse documents based on category, department or author. Search is further enhanced with the help of meta-data, category, file name, comments and so on.

Data ready for use

Auditing tools monitor processes and can source data for use in the next step.

Assignment Sharing

It gives more control to businesses so that they can get back to their own tasks by sharing of data among users.

Automated workflow

Processes are automated for reviewing documents, file expiration, changed documents and for email notifications.
Boosted Security – The URL feature is incorporated to build up higher security levels. There is refined user access to have full control on each file. Size limits of files are also controlled independent of server limits.

Multiple Language Support – This software is used for Enterprise document management and so it provides multiple language support to users.

The system’s capability to compile files in a consistent resource is highly relied upon and this is the great use of this document management software. Files are gathered in a reliable resource with the help of the document management solution.

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